Does Invisalign Take Years?

How Invisalign can quickly straighten your smile

When you think about orthodontic treatment, do you imagine it’s going to take years to get a new, straighter smile? It is true conventional braces can take a few years, but now there’s a new way to quickly straighten your smile. It’s called Invisalign, and you can have a Invisalignstraight smile in as little as 9 to 15 months! Dr. Kevin Midkiff, in Lynchburg, Virginia, wants you to know about the many benefits of Invisalign treatment.

It isn’t just the short length of treatment that makes Invisalign so great. Dr. Midkiff wants you to know there are many other benefits of this revolutionary orthodontic treatment. According to the makers of Invisalign, you will experience these additional benefits when you choose Invisalign treatment:

  • Improved comfort, because the aligners are smooth plastic with no metal parts to irritate your sensitive gums or cheeks
  • Enhanced cosmetic beauty, because Invisalign appliances are clear and virtually invisible to everyone
  • More convenience, because you can remove the Invisalign appliances whenever you want
  • Greater satisfaction, because you can eat whatever you want without worrying about breaking the appliance
  • Better oral health, because you can remove the appliances to brush and floss; no more clumsy flossing tools or picks

Dr. Midkiff will create your first set of custom Invisalign trays, called aligners. You will wear these for two weeks and then change to a new set, which you will wear for another two weeks. You change aligners every two weeks as your teeth move gradually and comfortably. After 9 to 15 months, you have a new, straight smile.

You can change the look of your smile and correct major functional and cosmetic issues with Invisalign, just like conventional orthodontic treatment. The difference is Invisalign is fast, uniquely comfortable and virtually invisible. It’s time to call Dr. Kevin Midkiff, in Lynchburg, Virginia, and find out just how quickly Invisalign can straighten your smile. Call today!