Your Orthodontic Options

These days, patients of Lynchburg, VA, dentist Dr. Kevin Midkiff have lots of options when it comes to how they fix their crooked teeth. With the ability to help patients of all ages improve misalignments and bad bites, Dr. Midkiff offers the following orthodontic options to boost patients' oral health and smile aesthetics:


Traditional braces are made up of brackets that are bonded to the front of teeth and interconnected with wires. Braces can be made from stainless steel or with tooth-colored ceramic.

Ceramic is often a great option for teens and adults who require traditional braces to fix more complex issues but still want braces that are less visible when they smile.

Lingual braces look just like traditional metal braces, the only difference is that instead of being bonded to the front of your smile, your dentist will adhere them to the back of your teeth. Lingual braces can be used to fix crowding, overbites, and open bites.

Clear Aligners

In some cases, our dentist can take measurements of your smile and turn to an Invisalign-approved dental lab to create a series of thin, transparent trays that will fit over your teeth to gradually move them into the proper alignment. These aligners are worn for about 2-3 weeks before they are replaced, and while the movements are very subtle, you will begin to see changes after a few months of treatment.

Aligners can also be removed, so you can take them out prior to brushing, flossing, eating, or drinking. These clear aligners are designed to fix common dental problems such as overbites, underbites, crowding, gaps between teeth and other malocclusions (“bad bites”) in older teens and adults.


Retainers are clear sometimes-removable trays that are usually provided by your dentist after your orthodontic treatment is complete. By wearing these retainers all the time for the first six months after your braces have been removed, you can prevent teeth from shifting back to their original position. In order to keep your smile straight for the long-term, your dentist may recommend wearing your retainer every night even after the six-month period is over.

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